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paulo arraiano, execute magazine 1
Artist Feature

Paulo Arraiano

Sensorial Divinities 2019, Installation view at Dimora Artica, Milan Towards The Last Unicorn 2019, Full HD Video on Led Wall 5m43s, 100x180cm Installation view at

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hanna ilczyszyn, artist feature, execute magazine 1
Artist Feature

Hanna Ilczyszyn

Its almost never so bright here, 60×60, 2020 Girl with a Cat, 80×60, 2019 Behind smthg that looks like grass, 80×120, 2020 Artist Feature –

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Danielle Winger, Artist Feature, Execute Magazine 3
Artist Feature

Danielle Winger

Mourning Sun Faded Forest, Silent Trees Blue Water, Blue Moon Artist Feature – Danielle Winger “My work is about Place. For me, no space is

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