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Artist a Day: Tony Cragg 

Tony Cragg  (b.1949) 

Anthony Douglas Cragg is a sculptor from England.  Born: April 9, 1949 (age 73 years), Liverpool, United Kingdom Spouse: Tatjana Verhasselt Award: Turner Prize (1988) Known for: Sculpture

In No Time, 2018 

Tony`s Works

Sculpture, Bronze,  140 x 107 x 67 cm.

Integers, 2021 

Tony`s Works

Stone (Portoro) ,  140 x 69 x 99 cm.

How much does a Tony Cragg sculpture cost? Tony Cragg's work has been sold at auction multiple times, and the price depends on the size, medium, and what is being sold. For instance, a minor work might sell for $4, while a large sculpture may go for $1 million. He sold his most expensive artwork at an auction in 2019 for $1,047,445.

Type Face, 2021 

Tony`s Works

Sculpture, bronze sculpture , 32 x 24 x 11 cm.

Manipulation 3,  2007 

Tony`s Works

Etching, 50 x 66 cm.

Why is Tony Cragg so well-known? Tony Cragg is a British sculptor who is well-known for experimenting with various materials; a few of them include plastic, fiberglass, bronze, and Kevlar. 

Test Tubes, 2008 

Tony`s Works

unique, 41 x 54.4 cm.

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Manipulation 6, 2007 

Tony`s Works

Etching, 50 x 66 cm.

Craggs is known for sculpture that captures a frozen moment of movement, creating abstract pieces, as seen in Point of View.

Masks (Wood), 2021 

Tony`s Works

Sculpture, Wood,  150 x 58 x 116 cm.

Palette (from For Joseph Beuys), 1986 

Tony`s Works

Paintings, Sculpture, Wooden palette covered with coloured plastic granules,  75 x 58 x 1.5 cm

How does Tony Cragg create his sculptures? Tony Cragg's sculptures look like some form are made of rapid prototyping, which is usually reserved for more delicate objects. However, he either carves each sculpture himself or gets a team of master craftsmen to do the work for him.

Grenze weg, 2015 

Tony`s Works

cast steel, 39 x 55 x 28 cm.

Untitled, 2019 

Tony`s Works

Bronze, unique cast from a maximum of six in different patina/color, 95 x 35 x 35 cm.

“I like to create the internal structure of things – the human figure is an organic form, but has many geometries: our organs, bone structure, cells and molecules. Then I like to vary this structure till it has an emotional effect on me”  -Tony Cragg