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Adam Lupton

1. Could you tell us about your life in Brooklyn? Why have you decided to stay in New York and how has this city shaped you as an artist?

New York… is a grind. I’m here because once you’ve lived it, there’s nowhere else in the world that can give it to you. Plus, all the art and pizza isn’t too bad. As for shaping me, it’s definitely pushed me to be more critical and aware – of myself, my work, trends, and art in general.

2. You are a young and emerging artist who seems to focus on figurative art. What are your portraits about and how has the subject matter evolved over time?
My portraits differ from series to series, but tend to center around my personal experiences of anxiety and isolation. The subject matter shifts slightly, but I find it’s my approach conceptually that has changed the most over time.
3. What artists have inspired you? How have they influenced your work? I can see similarities in your painting to Michael Borremans . Do you consider them as an inspiration?
I admire the likes of Neo Rauch, Michael Borremans, Adrian Ghenie… the way they deal with the figure in their own manner is something I’m still searching for. Recently, I’ve started to read and look more at Rauschenberg, trying to see what lays beyond painting for me.
4. What is your biggest struggle and success as an emerging artist?
The biggest struggle right now is taking that next step: showing, galleries, and transitioning from working-to-get-to-the-studio, to being in the studio full-time. My biggest success is being able to still be here and struggle – haven’t died yet.
5. What is your lifetime goal, if you have one?
To be part of the conversation.
6. What is your daily routine?
Daily is always different, but a good day for me would be a swim in the morning, then studio and tea the rest of the day, and a nice dinner and some reading. I’m not that complicated.