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Der Zukunft Glanz, 2014 Exhibition view at Galerie Nagel Draxler, Berlin, 2014 Photo Simon Vogel

Luca Vitone

1. Can you tell us about your website? Is there any concept or story behind your site?

The website tells about the media control we are subjected to by means of internet.
The geographical coordinates visible in the homepage indicate the place where I am at that moment.

2.Could you tell us about your book project that you have presented at American Academy in Rome
in the Fall of 2016? How did you develop the idea for this project? How long did it take you to finish it?

Effemeride Prini was born in response to the unsuccessful attempt to write a conversation book with the artist Emilio Prini.
After I obtained the art residency at the American Academy in order to work on the project,
Prini decided never to answer to my phone calls for an appointment. The book, in the form of a diary,
describes thus my attempts to get in touch with him, underlining the dates ripped from newspapers,
the evening menu of the American Academy and the phone dialogues with Prini’s home.
After many vicissitudes, after almost eight years, the book has been published in the Spring of 2016 by Quodlibet.

3.What is painting for you? What materials do you use to produce your paintings?

Painting is one of the languages of art, as sculpture, performance and so on and so forth.
To create my painting I use interior or atmospheric dust.

4.Do you want the viewer to see the final product without much explanations or you want the
viewer to understand the concept first?

Everyone is free to perceive the artwork autonomously.

5.How long does it take for you to develop one idea/concept?

It depends on the project.

6.Do you call yourself a conceptual artist? How do you understand a word ‘conceptual’?
What is a future of conceptual art in your opinion?

I consider myself a visual artist. When I reflect on Conceptual Art, I think about a precise generation of Anglo-American artists.
The future concerns the posterity.

7.When did you decide to be an artist? Was it a concept behind something bigger than just an idea of being the artist?

In London many years ago, between a film by Cheech and Chong and the Sir John Soane’s Museum. His ego.

8.What is your next project?

The next project will be the penultimate of the one following it.

9.What advice would you give to young generation of artists?

I suggest them be persistent, patient and not to be distracted.