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5 Reasons Why You Should Collect Art in Your 20s!

Collect Art Effortlessly

Contrary to popular belief, art collection is not a preserve
of the rich or the old. If you want to have an art collection at some point in
your life, there is no reason why you cannot start collecting in your 20s. If
you take cost out of the question, many art enthusiasts actually admit that
they would begin their collection early in life.     

Fortunately, below the tier of expensive art pieces is a
huge variety of art pieces that are not just high in quality but also
affordable. These pieces will without a doubt appreciate in value over time.
Not convinced yet? Below we discuss 5 reasons why collecting art in your 20s is
a wise move.

Expand Your Horizon

1. You Expand Your Horizon and Build Knowledge

There is no doubt that art makes you think and see things in exciting ways. Aside from adding visual interest in your home, art can also increase your knowledge and build your horizon. They say that knowledge is power and what better way to increase your power than through art. As you start your collection, you will get to know more about art and the artists behind the artworks you invest in. Since starting a collection requires you to do a lot of research on the same, you will be surprised at just how much you will learn about different artists and art in general.

Discover Talent

2. You Discover Emerging Talent and See the Artists Grow

It is easier to discover emerging talent when you are younger. For one, you will probably be looking for artists who sell their art affordably, and most emerging artists fall under this category. The talent you find in art festivals and indie galleries is nothing short of exceptional, and more often than not, the art pieces here are quite affordable. It is also easy to find art you identify with here as opposed to the art you find displayed in established galleries. At the end of the day, nothing brings more joy than seeing the artist you believed in grow and carve a niche for themselves in the industry.

Art is Fun

3. You May Find That It Brings a Return As a Rule of Thumb, you should think of art collecting as a hobby.

Even though your collection may earn you some good money in
the future, you should never think about it as an investment. Instead, look at
art as priceless and only add the art you love to your collection. While your
art collection is not an investment, it will in most cases appreciate in value.
That piece you bought for a hundred bucks may be worth much more in the future.
If you start your collection when younger, you will have many years to see your
collection grow both in size and in value. 

Become a Patron

4. You Get a Chance to Become a Patron

There is no better way to show support to artists who are
struggling than to buy the pieces they dedicate much time and effort to create.
If you find an artist whose works you like, you can become his patron and buy
more of the artist’s work. In most cases, artists remember the first people who
bought their pieces. Therefore, starting a collection early helps you establish
relationships and networks in the art world that can prove to be invaluable in
future. After all, networks in the art world are just as important as they are
in the business world. 

Art On a Daily Basis

5. You Get to Enjoy Your Collection For art enthusiasts, no
joy equals that of seeing lovely art pieces on a daily basis.

By starting your collection early, you get to turn your
walls in to a museum. Just think of a house full of lovely art pieces collected
over time. You can simply turn that house in to a home with memorable pieces
that you hold dear and can enjoy for a good portion of your life. What’s even
better, you get to see how you taste in art changes over time and have a
collection that reflects most of your adult life. Your collection can serve as
a unique narrative of your history. Artworks have the potential to remind you
where you were in life, both psychologically and socially, when you bought

In conclusion, the decisions you make in your 20s will to a
large extent determine the rest of your life. If you feel inspired to invest in
art when you are this young, then you will have an easier time setting a budget
for new pieces in the future. Who knows, you could be the next trendsetter in
the world of art, and your collection may inspire the next generation of art