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What Keywords You Should Use 

Think about who your customers or collectors are and what keywords you should use to find people like them

Make sure you identify your specific audience before you create your artwork: are your customers or collectors young?

Are they looking for emerging artists or established ones? Are homeowners interested in a more art investment?  

Understanding your audience's interests will help drive your work's content.

These are a few essential keywords to keep in mind with your website, images, and content.

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The more precise your keywords are, the more promising.

It is okay to make your search term as long as you avoid overly broad or popular phrases that are too competitive.

Try to use a keyword tool, like Semrush, Moz's Keyword Explorer, Google Trends, or Keyword Tool, to discover how challenging it will be to rank for a particular phrase.

You'll want to see how often collectors or customers are searching for them and whether or not you wish to use them.

Tools can also provide new ideas for keywords near you.