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Reasons to Leave Behind Your Artistic Career 

There are many reasons to leave your artist career, but some people do so from a place of happiness. 

It's not easy to be an artist. It's important to persevere with art and work hard,

but that same work ethic can lead artists away from their careers if they feel like they aren't getting the recognition or personal satisfaction they'd like.

Artists who are having trouble with their work should stop doing it when they get an opportunity that is better.

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Below might be the signs that you are considering quitting art: 

– Stumbling as a self-employed artist – Scarcity of income or sale

– No commercial skills beyond your art form – Inadequate relationships with the art world

– Pressure from the confusion of trying to make a name for yourself in the art world – Loneliness or sensation of isolation from other artist

It is essential to learn from your mistakes and find out what you are doing wrong. And creating a support group for yourself or making an accountability partner can help with this process.

You may not always find an answer within your social circle or with a counselor.