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Questions About Artist Marketing Mindset!

"Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art" - Andy Warhol

If there's one thing that an artist needs to excel at in order to be successful, it's content marketing.

The best way to get people to take notice of your content is through content marketing. Tell potential customers what you do, what products you offer and how they can access them.

Having your own blog or website is the best way to achieve effective content marketing and showcase your products without coming on too strong.

There will always be people who love your art, but you need to make it possible for them to find out more about the art and the artist. By content marketing, you advertise yourself to a huge demographic of people on the internet and may end up getting more customers.

Content marketing through a blog or social media profile helps to create the audience that may then become your customers.

The first thing you should do as an artist is create a presence on multiple platforms that will allow you to share images. This can be social media, a blog, a video sharing site, and your own website. The basis of an artist content marketing plan is letting people see your art. Then, you can build on that by writing about your art too.

You also need to interact a lot. Let your followers ask you questions on social media, share blog posts about your everyday art activities, create videos of yourself creating a piece of art.

As your business grows it will benefit you to have other people helping you.  You could have someone to write content, someone to help set up your online presence, someone to help with sending your art to customers.

By having different people specialize in different areas of business you'll have the perfect marketing team set up.

The first thing to remember if the content marketing on your website is not successful right away is not to panic. Though technologically advanced, digital marketing can also be quite slow-moving, especially for a more niche business, like art.

If the issue with your content marketing being unsuccessful is due to the content itself then revise your business plan. Listen to different opinions, make the necessary changes and then publish the content on your website.

Though you should definitely have a motivated mindset, you do not necessarily need to be aggressive in marketing because this can be off-putting to your audience. One tip for all artists who are branching into marketing their work: be firm, be direct, but don't overwhelm your clients.

Another way to expand your marketing is to create relationships with other artists. You can promote each other's work on your platforms and maybe even do some projects together.

If your marketing is not unique to you then it can come across as artificial. Of course, everyone uses the same tactics in content marketing: blogs, websites, social media profiles, but you shouldn't attempt to copy any other marketed artists out there.

Ultimately, you should follow the advice of artists who have made a success of marketing their art, but don't take it to be a 'one size fits all' situation. Every artist is unique and will have a different journey, so long as they are dedicated to their own content marketing plan before anything else.

You must remember that the only way to get your art really seen is to market it, so you'll have to get involved in the marketing world, even if it's just a little bit. Not everyone is business-minded, but that does not have to be a setback.  Focus on your own art and what you need to do to get it out there.

You may have to focus more on the studio one day and more on marketing the next, but it is possible to strike a balance, especially since most of your marketing comes when the art has been completed, which is the result of spending so much time in the studio.