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Artist a Day: El Greco

Artist a day! DOMENIKOS THEOTOKOPOULOS ·  EL GRECO  (1541-1614) He was one of the most unusual and captivating artists of his era, with a unique technique that the impressionist painters admired three centuries later—a true innovator in the broadest sense of the word.

Oil on canvas, 60.5 x 50.5 cm, 1570

A boy blowing on an ember to light a candle

El Greco's Works

Domḗnikos Theotokópoulos is generally known as El Greco that was his nickname. 

Oil on canvas, 121.3 x 108.6 cm, 1599

Pietà  (The Lamentation of Christ)

El Greco's Works

He was a Greek painter, sculptor, and architect of the Spanish Renaissance.

Oil on canvas, 121.3 x 108.6 cm, 1599

View of Toledo

El Greco's Works

The artist typically signed his paintings with his full birth name in Greek letters, Δομήνικος Θεοτοκόπουλος.

Oil and tempera on canvas,  51.5 x 429 cm, 1570

The Entombment of Christ

El Greco's Works

He also added the word Κρής, which means Cretan.

Oil on canvas, 117 x 150 cm, 1576

Christ driving the traders from the temple

El Greco's Works

El Greco was a Greek artist whose painting and sculpture corrected the course of the Spanish Renaissance and inspired various movements in art.

Oil on canvas, 348 x 175 cm, 1611

The Virgin of the Immaculate Conception

El Greco's Works

Who inspired El Greco? In Venice, El Greco worked under Titian, Tintoretto, and the Bassano, who much influenced his paintings.

Oil on canvas, 166 x 110 cm, 1614

St. Jerome Penitent

El Greco's Works

He examined the work of Michelangelo and Raphael in Rome in 1570. As a native of Crete, he was influenced by Byzantine art.

Tempera on panel, 61.4 x 45 cm, 1566

Dormition of the Virgin

El Greco's Works

El Greco's health decreased at the end of his life, and he passed away in 1614 while working on an art commission for the Hospital Tavera.

Oil on canvas, 165 x 99 cm, 1579

The Disrobing of Christ

El Greco's Works

Who was inspired by El Greco? Pablo Picasso, the influential artist of the twentieth century, was also greatly influenced by El Greco.

Oil on canvas, 117 x 95 cm, 1590

St. Louis King of France with a Page

El Greco's Works

After Cubism, Picasso used El Greco's portraits to present references to Spanishness in his art.

El Greco had enjoyed a comfortable life.

"I paint because the spirits whisper madly inside my head." "Art is everywhere you look for it, hail the twinkling stars for they are God's careless splatters."

Famous Quotes by  El Greco

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