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Consider Framing and Wiring Your Artwork 

Framing your artwork is the first step in making it look good. This is because framing helps emphasize the artwork's beauty by adding depth and dimension.

The frame also helps to protect your artwork from dust, dirt, and other elements that can damage it.

Preparing your art for exhibition may be slightly different than framing it for the collector's home.

We've repeatedly found that many artists show up with poorly framed artwork or sometimes not framed.

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Framing is a relatively simple DIY task that can save money on expensive frames, mounting boards, and framing services.

Framing your artwork is difficult; many galleries and curators won't do it for you.  

The most reasonable option would be to hire experienced framers who can handle this on your behalf or get help from a friend with framing experience.

Some qualities of a reasonable frame: it should not interfere with your artwork, have a matte finish, be lightweight and; have no extra clearances.

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