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Artist a Day: Sean Scully 

Sean Scully  (b.1945) 

Sean Scully RA is an Irish-born American artist based in New York. His work is exhibited worldwide, including at the MoMA, and he has been nominated for both Turner Prize nominations.


Sean`s Works

Minimalism, abstract ,1973


Sean`s Works

Color Field Painting , abstract ,1983

Sean Scully gained international acclaim for painting abstract works with combinations of squares and stripes.


Sean`s Works

Neo-Geo , abstract ,1986


Sean`s Works

Neo-Minimalism , abstract ,1987

Sean Scully married artist Catherine Lee in 1978 and divorced in 1998. In 2006, he remarried artist Liliane Tomasko. They had a son together and named him Oisin Scully in 2009.

Yellow Red

Sean`s Works

Color Field Painting, Neo-Minimalism , abstract ,1994

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Untitled (6.24.92)

Sean`s Works

Color Field Painting , abstract ,1992

Born in Dublin, Scully currently lives between New York and Germany.

Wall of Light Desert Night

Sean`s Works

Color Field Painting, Neo-Geo , abstract ,1999

Coloured Wall

Sean`s Works

Color Field Painting, Neo-Minimalism, 2003

Sean Scully's work is now in the Tate, MoMA in London, The Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, and The Walker Art Center.

Dark Bridge

Sean`s Works

Neo-Minimalism , abstract ,2003

Paris Black

Sean`s Works

Neo-Minimalism  , abstract ,2004

"I was always artistic - right from childhood - but my love of painting came a bit later. It followed my love of music." -Sean Scully