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Artist a Day: Pablo Picasso

Artist a day! PABLO PICASSO  (1881-1973) Love him or hate him, Picasso transformed it all. He is to Art History a colossal shock with permanent importance.

oil on panel, 122.9 × 82.6 cm  (48 3/8 × 32 1/2 in.), 1904

The Old Guitarist

Picasso's Works

With the possible exception of Michelangelo (who concentrated his most extraordinary efforts in sculpture and architecture), no other artist had such aims when setting his oeuvre in the history of art. Picasso created the avant-garde and stopped the avant-garde.

oil on panel, 51 5/8 × 38 7/8 in.  (131.1 × 98.7 cm), 1931

The Red Armchair

Picasso's Works

He looked back at the masters and made a personal style that artists followed around the globe. His works are often somewhat unexciting and straightforward during his later years, but Picasso already established his unmatched legacy.

bronze,  16 1/8 × 9 7/8 × 10 9/16 in, 1909

Head of a Woman (Fernande)

Picasso's Works

Famous Quotes by  Pablo Picasso: "Everything you can imagine is real." "Good artists copy, great artists steal."

oil on canvas, 100.4 × 72.4 cm , 1910

Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler

Picasso's Works

oil on canvas, 51 1/(4 × 35 1/4 in, 1915

Man with a Pipe

Picasso's Works

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