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Artist a Day: Jan Van Eyck

Artist a day! JAN VAN EYCK  (1390-1441)  Jan van Eyck was a painter working in Bruges who was one of the early innovators of what became recognized as Early Netherlandish painting and one of the most important representatives of Early Northern Renaissance art.

Oil on oak panel, 82.2 x 60 cm, 1434

The Arnolfini Portrait

 Van Eyck's Works

Artist a day! JAN VAN EYCK  (1390-1441)  According to Ernst Gombrich, he discovered oil painting.

 Oil on oak panel, 27.5 x 37.5 cm, 1437

Triptych of the Virgin and Child

 Van Eyck's Works

Jan Van Eyck is the immense mainstay on which all Flemish paintings of the following centuries take inspiration.

Oil on oak panel, 3.4 x 4.6m, 1432

The Ghent Altarpiece

 Van Eyck's Works

Van Eyck was far beyond any other artist of his generation. He was a genius of precision, perspective, and meticulousness.

Oil on wood, 122 x 157 cm, 1436

The Virgin and Child with Canon van der Paele

Van Eyck's Works

"I do as I can " "Tangible piece of luminous matter, they confront us with a reconstruction rather than a mere representation of the visible world. "

Famous Quotes by  Jan Van Eyck

Oil on vellum, 29.3 x 33.4 cm, 1432

Saint Francis of Assisi Receiving the Stigmata

Van Eyck's Works

Oil on oak panel, 33.3 x 18.9 cm, 1432

Léal Souvenir

Van Eyck's Works

Oil on oak panel, 22.5 x 16.6 cm, 1430

Portrait of a Man with a Blue Chaperon

Van Eyck's Works

Oil on oak panel, 66 x 62 cm, 1435

Madonna of Chancellor Rolin

Van Eyck's Works

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