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Twix OP, 12x12 inches, 2020

James Zamora

james Zamora, execute magazine 1
Red with Coca Cola OP, 12x12 inches, 2020
james Zamora, execute magazine 2
Snickers No 5 OP, 12x12 inches, 2020
james Zamora, execute magazine 4
Kit Kat OP, 12x12 inches, 2020

Artist Feature – James Zamora

“As a realist painter I am attracted to the technical complexities of everyday life. My paintings are about the particularity between the relationship of our eyes with the subtleties of our immediate reaction.”

James Zamora investigates current trends and their effects on the consumer. Born in Graham, TX in 1988, he earned his BFA in painting and drawing from The University of North Texas in 2010, then an MFA in painting from Texas Woman’s University in 2015.

His work is exhibited nationally on a regular basis and is in numerous personal and public collections.

Zamora’s work has appeared in several publications including New American Paintings West #114 and New American Paintings West #126.

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