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The Reasons Why You Should Do a Virtual Artist Studio Visit

With COVID-19, many people have been compelled to self-isolation at home. But do you know that you can tour many art studios and exhibitions from the convenience of your home? It is just as good as the real thing – and it’s free!

Nothing could be easier than to browse an art event, studio gallery, shop, or museum in virtual reality and remotely. Visitors can move around with their phone, a computer mouse, an iPad or Android tablet, or an augmented reality headset.

The possibilities are limitless for the virtual artist studio visit

With video chat capabilities, you can indulge in different styles, and types of interactive studio art tours adapted to your needs.

The virtual artist studio visits allow you to enjoy art as never before. It is possible to zoom in, comprehend the painting and enter the universe of the artist. Virtual reality paintings now offer a gripping experience that art lovers craved.

Different applications now make it possible to admire paintings in virtual reality as if you were in a real-life gallery, enter the work of art and the painter’s universe, and enjoy whole new perspectives.

Time and location are not an issue

There are numerous advantages to virtual studio visits, the most significant of which is no location requirement. Digital tours, exhibitions, and shows are offered worldwide so that anyone can spend time immersed in the art regardless of location. Imagine being able to look at works of art from around the world and to be able to see them through a virtual window into the period they were made. 

Inspiration for life

Many artists have found that digitalization generates more visitors to their websites and studios. It is a fact that many people who weren’t interested in visiting these places became interested in taking virtual tours. Highlighting masterworks and lesser-known works of art in these galleries has piqued people’s curiosity and made them hopeful of visiting the studios in person one day. 

Knowledge and entertainment

Immersion in art has been enhanced by virtualization, allowing people of all ages to experience and interact with works at their own pace – leading to better learning outcomes. With a virtual artist studio visit, not only can this be an excellent way to educate and entertain the young, but it offers additional insight and information to the more mature and old-school art lovers.

In the past, there have been three limitations to real-life exhibitions. These were time, arrangement, and information; virtual studio visits help to break these limitations.

Time: A brick-and-mortar gallery may offer a relatively limited amount of information since visitors usually are limited to a predefined time frame. This results in a rush for members to grasp as much as possible, especially during the opening receptions.

Arrangement: Every physical exhibition follows its own “flow” of organization and classification. Therefore, visitors are often forced to follow the curator’s layout and courses of the exhibition halls no matter how much they try to give visitors free roam. However, it is also a huge benefit that might not be possible to experience online.

Information: Real-life galleries are restricted in how much information they can provide in their exhibitions. They typically have to treat the exhibits as one giant exhibition, giving viewers nothing but a glimpse of artworks.

Virtual studio visits eliminate these obstacles by allowing visitors to explore art collections at their own pace by offering a more intimate and enjoyable journey. As a visitor, you can also get more information about the pieces as you browse.

Choose your platform a Virtual Artist Studio Visit

Lots of platforms have video calling capabilities. Some people like Zoom. Others use Google Hangouts. Other communication platforms, such as Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and more. You can even consider joining an art studio live stream on YouTube if you want to do it with your friends and family. It is best to familiarize yourself with the pros and limitations of each before the event.

Keep in mind that you are allowed to view a broad range of materials while virtually touring the studio. Screen-sharing platforms may allow you to see previous examples of work or clips from press kits on an artist’s desktop.

Virtual Artist Studio Visit
Artist Bartosz Beda in his studio.

Get interactive-talk about the art and the artist.

Many people focus on the art and forget about the artist. Keep the visit as interactive as the real-life thing. Ask the artists about the art, the inspirations, and other details that may help you understand and enjoy the creations better.

Take the time to understand each piece of art.

Many artists love to talk about their art, and video chat, text, and live streaming capabilities in virtual studio visits now enable real-time Q&A with artists. The best artists will walk you through their practice without assuming you know everything they’ve ever done. They present examples of past work so you can understand their whole creative journey. You’ll be surprised how many interesting stories there are behind artistic creations.

Share your experience

For you, as a virtual studio visitor, this can be a chance to dive deeper into the artist’s background and motivation behind every piece. You can also use embedded links to share your experience on social media and invite friends.

Explore one art piece at a time

Savor the moments. Don’t try to experience everything at once. Consider which order you’d like to view the art. Taking everything at once is not always the best approach for a visitor, but selectively reviewing all provided information and like as the visit can help you get the whole story much clearly.

Embrace the awkward

Getting used to video calls with an artist online as a substitute for real-life studio visits may take some time, but go with it! Feel free to attend the online social events, ask questions in the chat, and make new connections.

Remember, however, that online communication requires you to have patience with your technology and adjust your expectations accordingly. Although you are in the same locations with perfect WIFI connections, the resolution may not be HD movie quality. Besides the camera and microphone quality, internet speed can also make or break the experience.

Virtual studio visits may have hiccups and connection issues, so expect that, too. Use links and switch to audio if the connection is too slow.

You can do it on the go.

All dog owners know that the pet goes insane with joy if you touch his leash. Walking is exciting when you’re an exuberant little creature whose favorite activities include snoring, eating, and sniffing things. However, walking can be uninteresting to us complex creatures. Why not turn your daily dog walking into a memorable event with a virtual studio visit? 

Stay focused

A studio visit from your desktop presents some unique challenges because the web is a garden of distractions designed to pull you away from the task at hand. It may mess up the whole experience when you become distracted online by something that flashes at you for your attention–that’s why a mobile device may serve you better.

Turn off notifications, alerts, and arms. Keeping your focus is imperative, so try and stay away from other apps or tabs. You may be able to multi-task with a computer, but it is still important to pay full attention to the virtual visit as if you were in the same room with the artist.


Today, many people struggle to keep up with their hobbies and perhaps even buy art since studio visits were no longer possible during the pandemic and events now after the pandemic.

A virtual call with an artist can be a great way to stay entertained during these times. You get to enjoy the beauty of art and even support artists by buying creations that you like.

It may be a virtual visit, but the art pieces are real and can be delivered to your home/office when you order. Across the world, art professionals have it rough during the pandemic. So if you can buy something during the visit, that can go a long way to fuel creative talent.

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