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10 Steps to Improve Your Artist Website

What are the 10 Steps to Improve Your Artist Website?

Are you in a creative business? An artist needs to go the extra mile to create an appealing website and ensure it ranks high on Search Engines. However, the process behind SEO isn’t as simple as it sounds, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to mapping up your website.

This includes building an eye-catching website, resonating deeply with your audience, and selling your artwork better than your competitors.

If that’s what you’re searching for? You’ve come to the right place!

Here’s an in-depth guide to improving your artist website in just 10 steps.

So, let’s keep rolling!

1. Create an SEO-Friendly Website

Sure, you know if your website manages to appeal to the eye, you make a client. But what’s more important is to make potential customers know that you exist.

That’s where a good SEO-optimized website comes to the rescue.

To achieve this, firstly, make sure your content is readable. This includes shorter, concise sentences, good graphics, emphasis, and a well-written artist’s biography that will entice your customers to work with you.

Next, make sure your website is protected against all sorts of viruses and malware. If failed to d so, your website won’t be accessible to anyone with anti-virus software, meaning no one.

Thus, make sure your website is free from technical errors that will help improve the experience of your visitors. You can also count on a freelancer to help keep your website in excellent condition. Once that’s set, move on to speeding up the website as it can be the biggest culprit why your visitors leave your website in the first few seconds.

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2. Install Website Analytics and Google Search Engine

Creating an SEO-friendly website was the foundation layer for you, and installing Website Analytics will help you embark on a new journey of improving and implementing all your strategies.

Before you dive in headfirst and try out various SEO strategies, these analytics will tell you the impact of each practice.

Therefore, instantly website analytics and google Search engine offer the following benefits:

  • Offline and Online Tracking
  • User Behavior and Time Spent
  • Website Speed
  • User Experience
  • Track Online Traffic
  • Data Reports
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Track eCommerce performance

3. Create Content on the Website

This is where you can break or make your website. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to create a list of the topics you need to cover on your website. This is especially important if you are thinking of having a blog with its own set of perks for artists.

Later, take a spreadsheet, write down the blog titles of at least the first 50 blog posts, and create a calendar to help you stick to a routine and maintain consistency. Those are the steps to improve your artist website that you should consider.

4. Build Links to Your Website and Content

If you are familiar with SEO before, you must know how important it is to build external and internal links that will not only improve the authority of your website but make sure your audience is spending more time navigating through the countless content on your website.

Google also gets to understand the relevancy of your artistic website with the type of websites you link to and favor pages field with internal links and this is a step to improve you artist website domain authority and traffic.

5. Promote Your Content

Now that you are done with building quality content and ensuring all of them are packed with external and internal linking, it’s time to begin the next battle-promotion. these steps improve your artist website traffic.

Put it, start reaching out to authority websites in your niche and ask them for collaborations, guest posts, or other mutual relationships that will speed up the process of gaining fans/readers on your website.

You can also start promoting valuable news on local news sites via press releases to generate awareness and show a glimpse of your art to keep people excited. If you are just starting, I wouldn’t recommend you go all-in into forcing people to make a purchase. Instead, begin by building good relationships, set yourself as an authority, and spread your word to give your website sustainable success.

Remember, the more you promote your content, the more people share, and the more they share, the more audience you will get; this cycle will eventually snowball into your favor and help you achieve your goals over time.

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6. Create and Promote Your Social Media Pages

You leave lots of opportunities on the table by not leveraging social media right away. Regardless of how busy you are, it is crucial that you set up an artist social media page on well-known platforms to engage with like-minded people and fuel success for your website.

Yes, that’s right. Once you start building a strong foundation on social media, it will inevitably reflect on your website and gain more visitors there as well. Here, many artists fail to understand that you don’t need millions of followers to make a good portfolio. If you have a few engaged, really engaged followers, that can do much better than millions of followers with no engagement.

Once you have decided which platforms to stay active on, create a social media calendar and stay consistent with your posting. You can also try scheduling your posts from around 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM, where you are more likely to have high engagement rates.

However, I get it. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy to maintain multiple social media accounts at once. If you can’t afford to hire a social media marketing team, I recommend resharing the content of others (and make sure to credit them) along with yours to showcase your work and maintain consistency.

7. Start Email Database and Regular Newsletter

Need something to keep a one-time reader into a lifetime loyal fan? Starting an email newsletter is your best bet to go.

You can give people freebies or other incentives in exchange for their email addresses to help build your mailing list and keep your audience informed about your regular content.

This way, you can slowly gain their trust and even promote your products or services to increase your chances of high conversion. The great part about emailing building is that you can outsource it from different challenges.

For example, if you have multiple social media accounts, start running quizzes and questionnaires to increase the number of emails, use your YouTube and blog posts to entice people into signing up, and carry out word of mouth to make your fans a part of the gang as well!

8. Offer Promotions and Giveaways

Who doesn’t like free stuff? So, if you are trying to improve our artist website, start conducting promotions and giveaways that will encourage your audience to tag their friends, share and comment on your posts to build not only engagement but when the giveaways are over, you will be left with some solid followers and an improved profile that can be recommended to others.

While this sounds like a hassle to start, it is actually a cheaper and faster way to increase your followers.

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9. Run Pay per Click (PPC) Ads

If you are willing to go all-in to make your artist website a success, you’ve got to give Pay per Click a try. The best thing about it is that you can totally customize the number of visitors you want to have on your website. Therefore, it can be a great way to attract more people to your site and use this little money to create long-term readers.

However, it also comes at a risk. Due to the high competitors, your ad actually needs to stand out from the crowd to make sure people actually pay attention and, most importantly, engage with your content. Here, you can either use all your copywriting skills or lose money.

Therefore, here are some of the ways you can carry out paid advertising:

Ads: Depending on the type of artist you are, make sure your ads have a strong CTA (Call to Action) and are eye-catching enough to get the heads turning. If you are a beginner, I recommend you start to form a small physical advertisement banner or portfolio that you can actually show to people interested.

Ad groups: Ad groups are an excellent way to build trust and engage with like-minded people. In fact, if there has to be one golden tip that will improve your artist’s website, it has to be this. You need to create at least one ad group for each product you sell. Then, you can try out different ad groups and test strategies that work best for you.

Campaigns: a campaign consists of unlimited ad groups that you can include. It blends all the ad efforts mentioned above into one and offers you the flexibility to customize each aspect of it. For instance, New Year’s campaign may consist of bundles, content marketing, and many ads that will help to reach your goals effectively.


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10. Set up Local Directories

This is something you need to do if you have a physical location. Be it an art studio or an agency, set up local direction in Google My Business is key to getting found in your local region.

If you have a physical location, do me a favor and type in “*Your Keyword* + *City*” on Google.

What do you see?

If you aren’t there, get ready to start improving your business profile on Google. Here, to help take control of your business, search for your business and claim it. How? Follow these steps.

  • On your device, go to Google Maps
  • In the search bar, Type in your Business Name
  • Tap Claim this Business then “I own or manage this business.”
  • Choose a verification method provided and follow the steps
  • Once it’s approved, congratulations, you can now start managing your Business on Google too.


Coming to the end of the guide, the only takeaway I want you to have from this is that there is no rule written in stone here. You need to go the extra mile and find out what’s working for YOU as an artist.

And a few tries later, you will become a pro at what you do.

Good luck!

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